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A-Line Muru Precision Machining Web Site

Innovative Machining Solutions for Aerospace, Defense and Satellite

A-Line Muru Precision Machining provides innovative machining solutions for aerospace, defense and satellite.

The company contact Script Reaction to develop a clean, professional, and cutting-edge design to reflect their advanced machining capabilities.

As a proud supplier of critical components for the world's most advanced fighters and weapons systems, an advanced web site was not appropriate, but necessary.

A-Line Muru Precision Machining holds numerous quality certifications as well as government and military secrets and has in turn trusted Script Reaction with the maintenance of their web site and database.

A-Line Muru Precision Machining

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

A-Line Muru Precision Machining
Project Details
A-Line Muru Precision Machining
Deliverables:  Web Site and MySQL Database
Technology Used:  PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Adobe Flash
Current Status:  Maintained by Script Reaction

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