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Western Pain Medicine Program Web Site

A Multidisciplinary Team Treating Patients with Chronic Pain

The Western Pain Medicine Program at St. Joseph's Hospital needed a web site that for both patients and physicians. Accessibility, easy navigation, and simple updating were primary concerns for the program.

Script Reaction delivered a web site that enabled the program staff to overcome these concerns by using Admin Area to manage all of the content.

The program now has the ability to update their web content quickly and effectively without requiring assistance from an outside provider.

Their web site now features up-to-date events, faculty biographies, education material and research information.

Western Pain Medicine Program

London, Ontario, Canada

Project Details
Western Pain Medicine Program
Deliverables:  Web Site and MySQL Database
Technology Used:  Script Reaction's Admin Area, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript
Current Status:  Maintained using Admin Area

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